Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Counting down Disney style: 88 days to go

So we're at 88 now and here is my tip for today:

Make time to meet the characters.

Even if you have to wait in line just do it because it will be worth it. I always walked by the characters thinking that's just for kids I should just walk on and go to the next attraction. But I've changed and I can tell you it's so much fun to get your picture taken with a character. Sometimes you have to wait in line for a while but it's so worth it! Meeting the characters is the best thing you can do in Disney!
Here are some pics of my meetings with the characters.

Yes this time I traveled with a friend in a wheelchair so we didn't have to wait that long but I can tell you if she weren't with me I would have still be waiting for the characters.
So that's it for today I'll see you again tomorrow


  1. We are huge fans of Character Meets! Love them all :)

  2. It's great to meet the characters . It's the magic of Disney it awakes the child in you .


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