About Bookgirl

My real name is Annabel and I'm from the Netherlands. I live with my boyfriend, two rats ( Aprella & Contessa ), a hamster ( Lestat ), a bunny ( Agent B, yes he's named after the great Perry! ) and soon we'll have two cats named Boris & Babe. I work with children in a children's daycare centre, I work with the older kids, they go to school first and come play with us after school. I love my job and it makes sure I keep in touch with my inner child haha

Well my nickname says a lot, I love reading, but besides reading I have one other big passion and that's Disney. Since I was a little girl and I saw my first Disney movie I've been in love with Disney. But it wasn't until after I went to Disneyland Paris for the first time that it really became an addiction. I love everything Disney and Collect a lot of Disney things. Mostly movies but I also love the snowglobes! Of course I have my favourites when it comes to Disney so here they are:

Favourite movie: Beauty and the Beast
Favourite character: Eeyore
Favourtie Princess: Belle, Rapunzel
Favourite attraction: The phantom Manor, Crush Coaster

So that's it I guess, I hope you'll have a good time reading my blog!
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