Thursday, December 1, 2011

Halloween Tripreport day 1

It took me some time but here is my Halloween Tripreport!
Day one started really early, because we had to pick up someone else. So when I heard the alarm it felt like I was just sleeping. But of course soon I realised that I was going to Disney again so that made me jump out of my bed and wake up my mom. ( I slept at my parents house that night )
After we picked up the other person we could finally leave for Disney!!!!!! Of course they decided to work on the roads so we drove wrong at first but quickly on our way. I just couln't wait to enter the magical of Disney again, but first stop was our hotel of course and there we were surprised because we could go to our room already! So we got all our stuff out of the car and after leaving it in the hotel we left for some shopping. I wanted to know if they had a special dvd here but they didn't. So we left quickly for Disney, we decided to visit the main park that day. Walking into the park felt like comming home again and I just smiled and decided to enjoy the day. So we just walked around and visited the pirates and the ghosts that day. Of course we did a lot of shopping because you can't go to Disney without shopping.

At some point we became really tired from the trip and decided to go to Disney village, shop there a little and have a burger at Annette's Diner. I just lover their burgers, and my cheeseburger tasted great! But to be honest I was glad when I was back in our hotelroom because I was so tired. I didn't take any pictures the first day, I never do because I want to enjoy my first day back and just relax!
So I'll be back soon with day two! Where I got to eat with the Princesses!


  1. What a great first day you had! I'm looking forward to reading more:)

    Debs @ Focused on the Magic

  2. My boys loved Annette's so much we went there twice!! (I was amazed by the roller skates.) Can't wait to read more :D

  3. Sounds like you had a good beginning. Looking forward to your photos!

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