Monday, July 11, 2011

Disney ABC day 20: Y, Z

So this will be my last Disney ABC post, I loved these posts so I'm going to miss them! Here we go for the last time!

Y is for:


She really is creepy.

Yeti ( Monsters Inc )

He has a small role but I loved him in the movie!


This bird is just to funny!


One of the best known Greek Gods out there!


One of the bad lions in the second Lion King movie

That was the last Disney ABC post. Now I'm going to think about other posts!


  1. Great pictures, I forgot about Zira. And the Yeti from Monsters, Inc. makes me laugh..

    Diane @Can do it MOM

  2. lol! I love the Yeti in monsters inc! And I love Zazu in the lion king! He's a brilliantly funny character! :)

  3. It,s to bad that the abc is already finished . It was great fun . From todays figure's my favorite is Zazu , he meens well but the little lions will not listen . Looking forward for your next blog .


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