Saturday, July 30, 2011

Counting down Disney style: 91 days to go

slowly we're leaving the 90 days zone, and slowly my Disney trip is comming closer. So here is my tip for today:

Eat at least once at Annette's Diner

I love to eat at Annette's Diner, this restaurant is themed in 50's style, so waiters on roller skates and a jubox. The food is great and the service is always fantastic. You can eat a great burger there with delicious fries. I just love the setting of this restaurant, although you have to be there early because you can't make reservations for this restaurant.
I always eat a rock 'n roll burger there and even thinking about it now I'm getting hungry. So here a a couple of food pictures!

Doesn't that look delicious? See you again tomorrow


  1. I always take an unionburger with an alcohol free cocktail . Most of the time it is the place to be the first evening so I am almost taste the food . Only 91 days to go .

  2. Oh yum! I can't remember where I ate last time I was there nearly 8 years ago (sob)! Before we can go again we're waiting for my niece to get a little older so she can enjoy it more and take in the memories.

    Of course by that time I would really like to go to Disney Land just so I can ride the new Little Mermaid ride that finally came about!! On the DVD they had a special feature about it and now it's REAL!!


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