Friday, July 29, 2011

Counting down Disney style: 92 days to go

It's time for a new what you must do in Disneyland Paris, while I'm counting down to my Disney Halloween trip.
So here is my tip for today:

Get a good hotel

Maybe this should be the first tip haha, but you have to get a good hotel, you're going to spend the days in the park but to charge yourself up again for another day of magic you have to have a good nights rest. I prefer one of the Disney selected hotels because they aren't as expensive as a Disney hotel and they still have that magial feeling. My favourite hotel is Dreamcastle. So here is are a couple of pictures

So this is my tip for today, I'll share another tip with you tomorrow! Have a magical day.


  1. This hotel is really great . When they notice by arrival you are in an wheelchair they give you an handicapt-room if you want to . Also with the meals and cafe everything is great . Keep on rolling and 92 days to go .

  2. I'd love to stay at Dream Castle! It looks beautiful! :D


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