Saturday, July 9, 2011

Disney ABC day 17: S

It's day 17 already, this Disney ABC is going really fast! So here we go!

S is for:


The lion king, I remember seeing the movie and I cried when his father died. This is the only Disney movie I still watch in Dutch because Timon and Pumba have such funny voices.


I love The nightmare before christmas and she is my favourite character.


The little crab that gets into a lot of trouble because of Ariel.


The little alien everybody loves, if you want to have your picture taken with him in Disneyland Paris you'll have to fight for it!

Snow White

The princess that was the star in the first full length Disney movie. She is such an icon that she just had to be on my list


The monster who thought the rest of the monsters that making children laugh brings more energy than making them scream.

So that's it for today!

1 comment:

  1. I also love the movie a nightmare before x-mas . So I love Sally and Jack . Mine husband loves Snowwhite . The pictures you choose are very funny and sweet like the one from Lilo and Stitch . I look forward for the letters who are next . Love to all disney followers .


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