Sunday, July 31, 2011

Counting down Disney style: 90 days to go

Only 90 days to go, I'm glad I started these counting down posts because they make me realise that the days go by fast. So here we go with another tip:

Make sure you're on time to watch the parade and shows!

I love watching the parade and shows in Disneyland Paris, but there are always a lot of people thinking: In five minutes the parade is going to start let's fight our way to the front. I don't know if that happens at WDW a lot but in Disneyland Paris there are always people trying to get to the front. If you read the park map it has some tips and one of the tips is: Make sure that you look for a good place for the parade about thirty minutes before it starts. At first I always made room for the children, but now I don't anymore. Don't get me wrong I love children ( I even work with them ) but I want to see the parade too. Besides it's not only the kids but the parents have a new trick, they ask you if their child could stand in front of you, if you say yes about five minutes later they are pretending they lost their child and just push you back to stand in front of you.
So be sure to be their on time and you and the other guests at the park will have a magical time at the parades and shows.

So that's it for today I'll see you again tomorrow!

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