Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tripreport June: Day two

After a terrible night of sleeping we got up early and had an amazing breakfast.

Today we first decided to go to the Disneyland park and watch some of the shows, but because on of us got a dvd of Disney we decided to make a little detour to Val D'europe to buy a portable DVD player. And of course we wanted to see the Disneystore! So after our little adventure there ( We almost lost someone because her wheelchair decided to just roll away.) we went back to Disney.

We were there a little late but if you go as many times as we do you don't worry about that. So first we got something to eat at Hakuna Matata. But outside Hakuna Matata we saw Balloo and King louie so we decided to take a little detour and got a picture with them.

After that we had a lovely meal at Hakuna Matata and we went to our favourite attraction: Phantom manor.

I just love the creepy ghosts there haha. And this was the only attraction we did this day. After the haunted mansion it was time to get prepared for the parade. We went to one of the special locations for disabled people and found a good spot or so we thought. Because at some point there was someone standing next to me needing a lot of space so I was just stuck between  her and Inge's wheelchair to be honest it wasn't comfortable. But I did take some good pictures.

I saw a lot of characters I haven't seen before in the parade!

After the parade we installed ourselves for the Mickey's magical celebration show. I have to say I really liked the show, because there were a lot of old characters in it like Merlin and the Fairy godmother.

I took some great pictures there and after the show we left the parc to grab some sandwiches at The earl of sandwiches.

We decided to eat them in our hotelroom and I have to say I love the Earl, the sandwiches are amazing! After our dinner party at the hotel we watched the dvd, it was a lot of fun to see all the attractions and the parades. We decided to go to sleep after, becauwe we had a long day ahead!

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