Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tripreport June: Day one

I’ll start this trip report with our journey to Disneyland Paris. The alarm was set for 2.30 so when it went off I couldn’t believe how short I slept. Of course I couldn’t fall asleep. I heard my mom’s alarm too and she just didn’t hear it so I walked to her room to turn it off. We went downstairs together, got something to eat and drink and packed the last things. After that it was time to jump in the car to pick someone else up.
At 5:15 we were finally leaving for Disneyland!!! I have to admit I fell asleep almost direct after we passed the Belgium border.  So I haven’t really experienced the journey. Of course my mom decided to take the wrong exit and we found ourselves lost again. But after some driving around we saw our hotel. Like always we’re staying at Dreams castle hotel. 

We checked in and there was some confusion about our room, the person traveling with me and my mom is in a wheelchair. But we didn’t want a special room because that meant we got a bunk bed. So after we made clear that we just wanted a double queen room and left our luggage it was time to go to the parks. 

We decided to go to the Disneyland park this day. First we decided to make a reservation for Café Mickey,  we wanted to eat there on the second day but we’d have to wait until 9 o’clock. We decided that would be to late so we made the reservation for Friday. Of course we were easily distracted by all the shops but we went to get some coffee first. While we were enjoying our coffee we heard the song for the character express 
so I walked to the front of the shop and took some pictures.

After a nice cup of coffee we decided to visit a shop first, the beautiful shop with all the glass figurines. Of course we couldn’t visit the park without visiting some attractions, we are all big fans of The Phantom Manor so that was our first stop. We went to the front of the house to ask for a special pass so we could visit this attraction because of the lady in the wheelchair. 
The girl helping us played her role really good so Inge wanted a picture with her.

Although I always love the part in the elevator with the paintings I decided that I didn’t want to stand in line alone and we walked to the exit to enter this amazing attraction. Although we’ve done this ride a million times we still found some new things. We never saw the ghost children in the chandelier and we never saw the ghosts of the people passing the present table. They were probably already there every time but we never noticed them before. ( it was our luck that the playful spooks interrupted our tour at that scene haha ).

After the manor it was time to get something to eat and we decided to go to Bella Notte. I had some delicious lasagna and enjoyed the sun while eating. After we were done eating we wanted to visit the Pirates of the Caribbean. But before we got there we had to take a big detour because they were working on a lot of parts of the park. While walking we met the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit. At the pirates attraction we heard we would have to wait half an hour before we could sail away in our boat so we decided to visit the shop first. Of course I saw a lot of beautiful things there, but I didn’t buy anything. Of course we enjoyed our 
little cruise through the Caribbean and we didn’t get wet so that’s always nice.

Because we had a long journey we decided to go back to the hotel to rest a little before we were going to eat. On our way out we shopped a little of course but we were all glad when we entered our hotel to get our room keys. I got the bags and my mom and our friend went to our room. But before I reached the room they came back and told me to turn around. They gave us a special room with a bunk bed. So back to the reception it was, after explaining that we didn’t want the room and that we booked a double queen room we got another room. So up we went to our new room and I have to say I was glad to see that we did get a double queen room this time.

We all just lay on our beds and my mom and our friend fell asleep ( and believe me, they snore a lot! ). We wanted to eat before the parks were closed so we went to dinner at 6 o’ clock. We already knew we were going to eat at Annette’s Diner. I had a delicious rock ‘n’ roll burger and a rock ‘n’ rose cocktail ( without alcohol ).

After dinner it was time to do some more shopping and this time I did buy something. I bought a Pirates of the Caribbean vest with Angelica on it. By the time I was done it was 8 ‘o clock and we decided to go back to the hotel. At the hotel we had something to drink and talked a little before we went back to our room and changed into our pajama’s. And here I am writing the story of our first day at Disneyland Paris, we are going back to the Disneyland park tomorrow to watch the new shows and hopefully meet some characters! 

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