Monday, June 27, 2011

Disney ABC day 5: E

I'm enjoying this more and more every day I do this. It's so much fun to be thinking about Disney every day! So here we go again!

E is for:


This is my favourite character ever! I just love how gloomy he is. I collect everything from Eeyore although here in the Netherlands it's very hard to find Eeyore stuff. He's just amazing and I always hope I'll meet him in the park or when we're eating at cafe Mickey


I love rats, I have two pet rats and they both remind me of Emilie although they are girls. Just like Emilie they just love to eat and they eat anything they can grab with their little paws. So Emile is one of my favourite characters from the movie.


I loved Wall-E and Eve it's the sweetest love story there is. Two robots falling in love!


  1. Great series of posts! :D I love Eeyore too! He always makes me laugh :P

  2. Thank you, I really enjoy doing these posts every day!


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