Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tripreport June: Day 3

So of course we woke up early, we set our alarm at 7.30 but we were awake long before. So by the time my alarm went off everyone was showered and dressed and we got down for some breakfast.
We found out that there was some trouble with Inge's wheelchair, one of the brakes fell off because people pushed at her wheelchair so hard it just broke.
We decided that today would be our last day in the Disneyland park and that we would visit the studios the last day of our trip. So inside we went to get some rain ponchos first because it was raining and after that we first got on the Snow White ride. Because of the DVD we watched the night before we knew that there was a window were you could see the queen so we had to get a picture of that.

After Snow White it was time to visit Pinocchio, I love those two rides but they are giong very fast for a children's attraction you never really have the time to see everything. 
After those two rides we decided to see which princess was at the photo place, we saw it was Tiana and because it isn't one of our favourites we decided to get something hot to drink at Bella Notte. But before we got there we ran into Cruella de Vill so we took our time to take a pictue and get an autograph

After Cruella we got a nice hot drink and decided to go to It's a small world next. Because Inge was missing one brake on her wheelchair it wasn't a happy cruise for her because her. After It's a small world we decided to go see how late the Disney Dance express was coming and we were in luck because it was just arriving. I really like this show because before, everytime the characters left the train they were trampled by children and their parents. 

After the Disney Dance express we got back to Fantasyland because we wanted to see Rapunzel. But before we got there we got a chance to take a picture with the Carriage from Cinderella. 

After that we went to the Rapunzel photo location and we were in luck because she would arrive in just a couple of minutes. I have to say I loved Rapunzel! It was one of my favourite movies already but meeting her was realy cool!

After meeting the lovely Rapunzel we went to Au Chalet de la Marionette, of course it started raining again, and we went to the little Christmas stor inside the Castle there I took a picture of the wonderful fireplace

We went to pirates next, we had to wait a little while so we just walked around a little. And I took some pictures.

After Pirates it was time to wait for the Once upon a dream parade again. It was lovely again. After the parade we went to Disney village because we made reservations to eat at cafe mickey. I had a nice meal there but we noticed the character didn't come to our table. After Inge asked someone about this they did stop at our table and we were able to take a couple of pictures. 

After eating at Cafe Mickey we went back to our hotel and I was so tired that I slept really good that night. 

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